Managing the risks while renovating the house

Few undertakings are as financially and emotionally stressful as a home renovation. From major makeovers like adding a new wing to less ambitious kitchen revamps, a potential hornet’s nest of liabilities can sting at any time. The risks begin with hiring the general contractor, increase in volume and complexity during the construction phase, and live…

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7 Tips For Using Power Tools Safely At Home

Most Americans live in or grew up in a home that was built and maintained with conventional hand tools, the most common of which was a claw hammer. Instead of using tools powered largely by muscle and sweat, today homeowners use time-saving tools powered by internal combustion engines, compressed air, electricity, compressed gas and gunpowder.…


Umbrella insurance: Protection for that nest egg

A retirement nest egg may make you feel like you’ve locked down your financial future, but don’t get too comfortable. Getting hit with a liability lawsuit in your retirement years could turn your life upside down. While your insurance may cover some damages or legal fees, an umbrella insurance plan goes further. It protects you…

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Offline Identity Theft Prevention

Identity fraud does not always begin online. According to Travelers claim data, 44 percent of ID fraud cases happen when a person’s purse or wallet has been lost or stolen. Because thieves can use the information they find inside, here are some ways to help protect yourself and your identity. Read full article…


Prepare Your Building To Weather The Cold

Temperature extremes from summer to winter place a heavy burden on the buildings we live in and the places we work. With little warning, gusting winds, heavy snow and bitter temperatures can create a weather event that could collapse your roof, freeze and rupture your piping and cause havoc in your life. But prudent loss…


Inspection Checklist: Roof Damage

Shingles are the most popular style of roof covering. Whatever roof covering you use the condition and attachment of the materials are critical to roof performance. To keep your home in great condition, follow some of these easy inspections … Read Full Article    


The secret life of your car’s VIN

Your car’s vehicle identification number, commonly known as a VIN, may look like a meaningless string of random numbers and letters. But together those 17 digits make up an impressive one-of-a-kind combination, following the car from the factory to the scrap heap. “A VIN is to a car what a fingerprint is to a person,”…